Unique Alaskan Gifts
-By Shirley Jimerson-

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Sea Otter Fur Gloves

The gloves are premade deerhide brown, comes in black too. With traditional Athabascan beading and sea otter fur for trim.


Deerskin gloves

These gloves are made with deerskin gloves, trimmed with sheared rabbit fur or beaver fur.

The beading is done in the traditional Upper Tanana Athabascan style.

The beading takes time as each glove top is done individually.

They sell for $175.00 a pair.

Athabascan sun catcher

This is an Athabascan sun catcher. Trimmed with deerskin the ring, then beaded on the inside and the dangles are with beads and dentalium shells. This is a 3" size.

Beaded Bags

The bags are beaded on the flap, and made with velvet and fully lined and finished edges on the inside. Has cording for straps.

The bags sell for $75.00 each.


Medicine Bags

Medicine bags are made with commercial tanned moose hide and decorated with glass beads, and other beads.
There are two different kinds of medicine bags: with or without dentalium shells on the necklace portion.

The bags sell for $50.00 each.


Medicine Bags

These bags are made out of moose hide, beaded my traditional Upper Tanana Athabascan style, some with modern peyote beading and the necklace has dentalium shells. The dentalium shells were very prized shells in the old days. Long ago the Upper Tanana Athabascan's had to travel by foot to the Tlinget territory (South East Alaska) to trade for these shells; therefore the Chief was the only one that can wear the shell/shells on the jackets or necklaces

The bags sell for $85.00 each.

Beaded Barrettes

These beaded barrettes are on moose hide.

They are brightly colored beads and has variety of dangles or without.

Has ultra suede backing with a clasp.

These sell for $55.00 each and without the dangles $45.00 each.


These Forget Me Not flower key chain are done by Shirley for Holland America Lines. N. Walsh emailed me asking me if I would like to do a project for the HAL. They wanted a 2 x 2 beaded item. I came up with the idea of using the state flower as the design. The project is due in Seattle May 1st. They will be used on an informational poster on the bus lines that go through out Alaska. With the key chain will be information about my cultural history, my background and why I chose forget me not flower design.
I want to thank N. Walsh for choosing me as the artist and much thanks to Eleanor David who helped me with the beading. We needed to make 29 of these!


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