Unique Alaskan Gifts
-By Shirley Jimerson-

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This loon wall hanging is done with all batik fabrics, I use many types of cotton fabrics to make this type of wall hanging. The Loon is much bigger for my students to see at the end of the 'Loon and the blind man' story so can see what a loon looks like. The flowers are my own design and the fish are our whitefish. We fish for them in June and July in my village of Tetlin. The story is a traditional Upper Tanana Athabascan story, the story shares with you how to treat your fellow humans. Along with the wall hanging is the story, "Loon and the Blind Man" .

Sell for $250.00 each.

This "Aloha Kitty" is a reverse applique, it is a wall hanging. It measured 20x20," machine pieced and the reverse applique done by hand.
During our long winter months here in Alaska I felt like doing something bright!
All of my wall hangings or quilts were machine quilted by a quilt shop in Glennallen.

This cute wall hanging made from pastels and lots of hand work.
It is___x___" is called Isabella's Bunnies. Pieced and machine quilted by me.
All cotton fabrics, cotton batting and binding and backing.


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